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Guitar Newbie Profile

Name:  Kelly Morris  Location: Southeastern United States

Describe Yourself: I am a 32 year old mother to 6 small children, which I stay home and teach myself. I keep pretty busy, but I enjoy music, cooking, and writing in my spare time. My husband and I own an old farm in the deep Southern part of the US, where God, Country, and Football rule (in that order). I am perpetually addicted to learning--which is why I'm here.

Why do you want to learn how to play guitar?: I have grown up around a lot of music. I played violin as a child, and picked it up again in high school. I also played a little bit of stand up bass and acoustic guitar while in school. My cousins started a band, which I managed, and went on to record a couple of albums. I married a man who's parents played music at the professional level. I have now put one of my children in music lessons, and thought that it would be nice to pick up an instrument again myself. After dusting off my violin, I decided that wasn't what I wanted to play. Seeing as how I live in the Southern United States, I figured the guitar would be a good and easy instrument to pick up and play with my friends--who all seem to play SOMETHING.

What sort of music do you want to play? I prefer contemporary pop music, since it's generally easy to listen to (and I hear, easy to play). However, since I ENJOY many different styles of music, I wouldn't mind learning how to play a little bit of everything. Bluegrass is king in my neighborhood, so I'm thinking I should learn some of that---but it's not my favorite.

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