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Playing the guitar is a very special experience that will change your life in so many ways. But where to start?

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Find out all about Guitars. There are many different guitars, which one do you want to play?
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There are so many resources available on the Internet to help you learn to play guitar and much more. Some are good, some are bad, some are plain dodgy. Here's our opinion on them...
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Some Popular Brands of Acoustic Guitar
When looking for an acoustic guitar these brands are the first that come to mind.

C.F. Martin and Co. – This company began making flat top acoustic guitars in the 1800’s. The highly decorated steel-string D model is the most sought after vintage and also the best that money can buy. Small-body designs like the 00, 000 and OM models are more affordable.

Taylor Guitars – Established in the 70’s, these hollow-body acoustic guitars are high end professional-level instruments like the 810, 514-C and 514-CE models followed by the 410, 310, and 314.

Gibson Musical Instruments – The company that has withstood the test of time has many models to choose from including the Gibson Hummingbird, the vintage L-5, the exquisite Gibson J185 and the Epiphone is a division of Gibson that uses Gibson trademark quality with a lower end price tag.

Godin Guitars – A Canadian company with several different labels. Art & Lutherie are the budget guitars. The Simon and Patrick brand, La Patrie are the classical guitar brand and Seagull are top rated brands.

Washburn International – Born of the Delta Blues and has models endorsed by everyone from Paul Stanley of KISS to Hannah Montana.

Yamaha – Regardless of price, Yamaha is committed to making the finest instruments. The LLX-500C is one of the finest.

Notable Mentions
Takamine - The Japanese take on Martin guitars.
Ovation - Seen more in the studio than on stage.
Larrivee - A classical guitar design.

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