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I want to Learn to Play the Guitar...

Playing the guitar is a very special experience that will change your life in so many ways. But where to start?

Tell me all about Guitars...
Find out all about Guitars. There are many different guitars, which one do you want to play?
Guitar Product Reviews...
There are so many resources available on the Internet to help you learn to play guitar and much more. Some are good, some are bad, some are plain dodgy. Here's our opinion on them...
Web Link Exchange...
So many Guitar web sites, so little time, if you would like exchange links with should go here.
Guitar Books
Guitar Book Titles from Amazon USA:
The Guitar Handbook
The most comprehensive resource available for beginning and experienced guitarists alike, whether acoustic or electric. Completely redesigned and with many more full-colour photos than the original, this new edition surveys recent models and profiles current masters, includes an expanded lesson section, and encompasses 10 years of technological change in recording and amplification. [under $20]
Melody Chords for Guitar
Influential fusion player Allan Holdsworth provides guitarists with a simplified method of learning chords, in diagram form, for playing accompaniments and for playing popular melodies in "chord-solo" style. Covers: major, minor, altered, dominant and diminished scale notes in chord form, with lots...
Introducing Guitar Chords Introducing Guitar Chords with CD
1001 Guitar Tips and Tricks 1001 Guitar Tips and Tricks
Packed with practical tips on every aspect of guitar playing. Hundreds of essential riffs, licks, and turnarounds for rock, blues, country, and jazz guitar. Includes the Survivor’s Guide to Gigging.
Scales Over Chords
All you need to know about the art of improvisation. Teaches the guitar player how to improvise and play lead lines over chord progressions. Also explains how to create and use intervals, scales, modes and arpeggios in any key.
The Acoustic Guitar
The Guitar Chord Wheel Book
Over 22,000 chords! Easy to use with the new and revolutionary Guitar Chord Wheel! With the use of the wheel, you will be able to learn 12 times as many chords - fast. All music styles are covered, including rock, blues, jazz, metal and country.
Essential Guitar Chords in Tab Essential Guitar Chords in Tab
Chords and Progressions for Rock Guitar
This book unlocks the mystery of chordal theory and progressions. The CD contains demonstrations of all the examples.
Encyclopaedia of Picture Chords for All Guitarists
This is the clearest, most useful chord book ever published. Several forms are shown for each chord in easy-to-read diagrams and photographs.
Instant Guitar Chords Instant Guitar Chords
Learn to play over 350 chords by following clear diagrams and accompanying cassette. Play a host of well-known songs with your first chords.
Progressive Guitar Chords


The Ultimate Learn to Play Guitar Resource
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