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I want to Learn to Play the Guitar...

Playing the guitar is a very special experience that will change your life in so many ways. But where to start?

Tell me all about Guitars...
Find out all about Guitars. There are many different guitars, which one do you want to play?
Guitar Product Reviews...
There are so many resources available on the Internet to help you learn to play guitar and much more. Some are good, some are bad, some are plain dodgy. Here's our opinion on them...
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So many Guitar web sites, so little time, if you would like exchange links with should go here.
Guitar Web Site Links
Rockin Repairs - Guitar setups, restrings, upgrades & repairs in Sydney, Australia.
Ultimate Guitar Lots of Guitar Tabs
The Essential Guitar Guide guide to guitar fretboard theory. A comprehensive list of music retailers.
BassLab Links Bass guitar links page.
2000 Guitars Database. Informative guitar pages and links. - useful resource for selecting your guitar

Learn Guitar Online - A free resource with comprehensive lessons that can help both beginners and advanced guitar players to improve their playing skills

Online Bass Lessons - free bass guitar lessons for different skills levels

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