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Emmanuel Venturis - using Jamorama

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Guitar Newbie Profile

Name:  Emmanuel (Manny) Venturis  Location: Rome, Italy

Describe Yourself: I am 45 years old, currently self-employed and father of a beautiful 8 year old daughter named Emily.

Why do you want to learn how to play guitar?: Music has always been a constant companion of mine. However, I haven’t ever really tried to learn to play an instrument. In my family and amongst my friends there are many who play the piano, the drums, the flute as well as many other wind and string instruments but above all the most interesting for me has always been the guitar. It is a fantastic way to enjoy the best of what music can offer to our lives in that it gives the player a constant companion throughout life that can be shared with others or enjoyed alone.

What sort of music do you want to play? Rock n Roll of the 80’s and 90’s.

Product Used to Learn to Play Guitar: Jamorama

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Manny is using Jamorama to Learn How to play the Guitar

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